Sunday, September 10, 2006

The more I try to escape it's grasp, the closer I get dragged in. People have been talking, and talk is cheap. If it were to happen, she would have to do the intiating (spelling?), because I have been convinced that she does not feel the same way.I dunno why people tell me these things.
They ask if I have a crush. I said yes. They say "Why don't you do something about it?". I say "She does not feel the same way about me."They say..."You will grow on her" -Maripa"It's bound to happen." -Ashley"Are you going to fuck her in the ass or what?" -Geo
I try to not think about these things, but coworkers are bound the to dig into my heart until they find the juicy details. Everyone wants to know about everyone and I wish they would stop because everytime they ask it makes me think about it.
Therapists say supressing feelings is wrong. Say what they will, I am not repressing, I'm keeping them to redirect them someday.

' Lordy! she continued, with a laugh, leaningforward over her parasol, as her eyes again sought the Colonel's,don't you remember when you asked me if I loved that old Hotchkiss,and I told you 'That's tellin',' and you looked at me, Lordy! I knew then you suspected there was a Hiram teenie maedchen somewhere --as good as if I'dtold you.
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